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Fitness Flab Busters

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Fitness for your Butt

One of the goals of fitness is to fight your flab. These three flab busters get tougher as you get fitter. Add these to your fitness exercise routine or just do them on days that you don’t do a full workout and they will build strength and firm up your muscles. They’re also great flab busters for the fitness of your butt.

This small fitness routine is quick and simple and builds up your strength.

Bottom De-Sagger:



Sit on a mat with your back straight, arms braced slightly behind and out from hips with fingers pointing to sides. Knees are bent and apart, feet flat, toes out. Inhale.

Next, exhaling, contract buttocks and tuck pelvis under as you raise it forward and up about 6 inches off the mat. Inhale and lower pelvis to the beginning. Do ten, rest for 10 seconds and then repeats as many as you can, up to ten. Do three sets of ten.



Start as per the above beginner exercise, sitting on the mat in the same position. Exhale, tighten buttock muscles and tuck/raise pelvis as in the first exercise, but go higher – until thighs are almost parallel to mat (don’t go any higher – it can strain you back). Inhale and lower to the starting position. Do ten, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat. Work up to three sets of ten.


Fitness Flab Buster - Advanced

Start this fitness exercise as in the beginner and intermediate exercise. Exhale and tuck/raise pelvis forward and up, squeezing inward, then open knees and let feet foll back. Repeat closing/opening 10 times, breathe naturally. Keep your buttocks tight throughout. Return to sitting, rest repeat, Work up to 3 sets of 10.

Practice these fitness flab busters for your butt everyday and you will see definite results between weeks four to six.

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